20+ years multimedia journalist

I am a journalist who has worked in broadcast, print and online media and taught at one of the premier journalism schools in the US.

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Morphet family article

ISSUU - Pillars Winter 2015 by Kiefer Creative

Parent-School Collaboration Creates Positive Environment for Second Grader with Autism

Wheelingconvention article

Happy birthday, West Virginia!

Today marks the 151st anniversary of the day West Virginia officially became a state. In my book Panther Mountain: Caroline’s Story, I imagine how my great-great-grandparents Caroline and Frank and their children Adam and Lucy celebrated on June 20, 1863

Stringio article

Shelter from the Storm: How a Union Soldier Sought Refuge at My Great-Grandparents’ House

Martin Andrews’ sophomore year at Oberlin College was abruptly upended in the spring of 1861.

Open uri20140217 3585 1bfm0jh article

The Family That Prays Together, Stays (In Catholic School) Together : Pillars Magazine

The Family That Prays Together, Stays (In Cathol...

Open uri20140217 3585 c5r88m article

Television Sports Career Keeps Ludden Grad in Action : Pillars Magazine

Television Sports Career Keeps Ludden Grad in Ac...

Maggie gordon noj '08 article
Graffiti magazine

A reporter's toughest assignment | Newhouse School

She now says the story was unlike anything she'd ever covered. Maggie Gordon '08, a reporter for the Stamford Advocate, was assigned to cover a tragic story—on Christmas Day, no less.

Three young girls died during a Christmas morning 2011 fire in Stamford, Connecticut. The girls' mother, Madonna Badger, survived. The fire also took the lives of Badger's parents, Lomer and Pauline Johnson.

Glor cbs newsdesk article
Graffiti magazine

A role model returns

He's made it to the top of the broadcast journalism heap, but Newhouse alumnus Jeff Glor hasn't forgotten what it was like to be a student here. And aside from seeing Newhouse 3 for the first time, he...

Open uri20140217 9853 1ycl0cu article

Every Penny Counted to Make Playground Happen : Pillars Magazine

Every Penny Counted to Make Playground Happen :...

Open uri20131113 21612 1y9t9sr article

Doing more with less

It’s been four months. No car. No peanut butter. No...

Open uri20131121 27576 10lyp77 article

Gigs Reflex • G-L-O-R-I-A: My first Van Morrison concert

Gigs Reflex • G-L-O-R-I-A: My first Van Morrison c...

Diners feature jpg article
Graffiti magazine

A tasty mobile "app"etizer | Newhouse School

If you're in Central New York and you're hungry, take a peek at a new Newhouse multimedia menu. Students in a multimedia projects class created a web site and mobile web application about local diners.

Andrew burton mpd '10 article
Graffiti magazine

Close call in Cairo | Newhouse School

Before he left for Egypt, Newhouse alumnus Andrew Burton called his friend and former professor Bruce Strong. Strong missed the call, but heard plenty about Burton this week after the May 2010 grad was attacked by an angry mob during public protests in Cairo.

Broodr jason blanck feature image article
Graffiti magazine

Newhouse Entrepreneurs: Jason Blanck | Newhouse School

A lightbulb switches on over your head and you've got an idea. Just in the nick of time, a Newhouse entrepreneur has opened an online marketplace for your invention.

Jason Blanck, an '11 TRF masters alum, is an inventor himself. His idea? A sandal that would clean sand off your feet with water spray. But he didn't know where to sell his yet-to-be-perfected product. And that's why Blanck created Broodr.

J camp class photo article
Graffiti magazine

Pitching stories instead of tents | Newhouse School

It's a different type of camp from those that feature campfires and tents in the great outdoors. Syracuse high school students camped out at J-Camp—the "J" stands for Journalism—this summer at the Newhouse School.

Open uri20130610 3207 e1dguu article
Graffiti magazine

Reporting from the Rainbow Nation

Professors Steve Davis and Seth Gitner are spending the early days of 2011 leading a team of 9 Newhouse urban reporting students in South Africa. They're gathering community news in Grahamstown, which is about the size of Syracuse and is also home to a major university.